I have created the official logo for our shop. This logo took a lot of rough drafts to create. I went through multiple color schemes and themes plus I got Valerie's advice and thoughts along the way. Most of my creativity happens around midnight when everyone's sleeping, so after a few long nights I finally came up with this design and I am so happy with the outcome. I feel like the colors, fonts and clip art represent us very well. I am so anxious to get our shop full of banners. I wish I could get things going a lot faster but with a baby, work and all the other fun stuff in between it's hard to get a big production going right away.

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Since sharing the news about our shop we've had a few orders for banners. This is so exciting for us and I just wanted to share a sample of the banner we made for our first client! With all the Pokemon Go craze going on it's no wonder we'd get a request for a Pokemon birthday banner.



Ten months

 Liam, boy are you a wiggle worm! Standing is your new favorite hobby. You look for any thing to grab a grip of to climb and help you stand. I am not ready for you to take your first steps but you are slowly preparing me and starting to stand on your own for a few seconds at a time. You are very strong at only 10 months your grip and bites can really. You can lift "heavy" stuff and yet you refuse to hold your own sippy cup. You hold it to your mouth and then expect us to do the rest of the lifting.

You love for us to come at you saying "I'm gonna get you!" and you try crawling as fast as possible away from us. Then you stop and wait for us to say it all over again with a big smile on your face filled with anticipation. We play that game with you over and over again all day long, it never gets old for us. You love to eat puffs, yogurt bites and swimming!

You pretty much think you are your own boss. You want to up and go on your terms or feed yourself even if the spoon is no where near your mouth. Maybe that means you're a stubborn little one. You love playing with your toys but once you are done with one you throw it out of the car seat or stroller. This can be a problem when we're walking around the mall.

You are currently growing your 7th tooth and it's been a little rough on you. You just want Mama to hold you when the pain comes. My favorite thing of all is that you raise your hands when we say "Thank You Jesus" and you clap along with music. You also sing the ABC's with me but then you quit around "H-I-J" and leave me singing alone. And apparently no matter how much older your getting you are still an emotional little guy when things don't go your way. 

I'm sad to see your chubby rolls start to fade as your keep growing and crawling more and more. You are my world and some days I wish I could stop time and hold you as my baby forever.