I have created the official logo for our shop. This logo took a lot of rough drafts to create. I went through multiple color schemes and themes plus I got Valerie's advice and thoughts along the way. Most of my creativity happens around midnight when everyone's sleeping, so after a few long nights I finally came up with this design and I am so happy with the outcome. I feel like the colors, fonts and clip art represent us very well. I am so anxious to get our shop full of banners. I wish I could get things going a lot faster but with a baby, work and all the other fun stuff in between it's hard to get a big production going right away.

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Since sharing the news about our shop we've had a few orders for banners. This is so exciting for us and I just wanted to share a sample of the banner we made for our first client! With all the Pokemon Go craze going on it's no wonder we'd get a request for a Pokemon birthday banner.




Anu Aravind said...

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Tyler Johnson said...

Was searching through Google for some creative Pokemon birthday ideas, found your blog, such a great idea! Well done, keep up the good work, this gives me an idea for a Pokemon themed birthday party I'm planning next month