11 Months --- 4 months later

I can't believe the last time I blog I was a mama of a 10 month old baby and now I have a 16 month toddler. My heart just broke a little. I just want to put Liam in a little box and keep him small forever. Okay, maybe not forever but seriously why is this going by so fast? I guess since I left off at 10 months, it's only right to share 11 month pictures and 12 months. I can't remember what he discovered or learned during this period to share along with the pictures. I know he didn't learn how to walk like so many suggested would naturally happen at least by the day of his birthday. LOL! That didn't come for another few months. All I know is that he's always happier in my arms and that he loves to eat his snacks!

11 Months

12 Months