My Mother in Law.

Angelita R. Garcia 
7/26/1954 - 2/14/2018 

My mother in law passed away peacefully, surrounded by her loved ones on Valentine's day at 7:32p.m. Our hearts broke that day but we knew she had reach victory and she was no longer in pain. I wrote a speech to share at her funeral of what a great woman she was and I am sharing it here today.


There is so much I could say about Jela she was a loyal friend with a giving heart, she was as strong as they come and boy, did she always have something to say. However my heart always returns to her as a grandmother. From the day we shared the news that we were expecting, she told us she hoped it would be a boy. The Lord granted her prayer! 
She was able to witness the birth of her first grandson, Liam Solomon in September of 2015. After Liam was born she was there daily to hold him and even washed dishes for me. She’d make sure we had meals ready to eat and if I lacked any sleep, which I did, you’d find her pulling the bassinet into the living room so I could get some much needed rest. Once I went back to work part-time she was also ready to become his babysitter. Jela was able to enjoy bathing him, feeding him and put him to sleep for a good year before the effects of her treatments took most of her strength away but even that didn’t stop her because she asked her niece to come help her so that she could still be a part of his babysitting duties.

In time, I realized Jela’s reason for living was not only to be a mother but more so a grandmother. It was her true calling. Being a grandmother brought an immense amount of joy to her and it also drew us closer together. It was nice to have a mother in law that I could count on and call if I ever needed to vent about her son, in which she would remind me jokingly that there was a no return policy. She was great at giving advice and reminding us of how important family and our relationship with God is. There wasn’t anything she wouldn’t do for her boys, daughters in law and grandsons.

In her last days we saw cancer slowly taking her from us. It was hard but we all tried our best to be there for her and take care of her just as she would have for us. One of her favorite things to do was talk and so we did until her very last days. Even though she was in tremendous pain she always remained strong and never wanted attention focused on her disease. She wanted everyone to continue on with their lives and was more concerned with how we were doing and if we were happy.

I wish that we had more time together. I miss her daily phone calls, Sunday lunches at her house and sitting next to her at church. I will cherish all the great memories we had and although Liam may be too young to remember her, I have already made it a purpose in my life that he will never forget her.

Her passing last month left the world a little less colorful and a lot less interesting. But even in our grief, we know we were so lucky to have had this loving woman in our lives and, now, in our hearts forever.